We get emails every day from readers asking in what ways they can help promote our mission to tell the world how Israel adds value to every human life on this planet.

Whether it’s through cutting edge technologies, new health developments, cultural exchanges or tikkun olam (helping the world), the stories ISRAEL21c writes show a completely different side of Israel that many people around the world simply never hear about.

Our goal is get these stories out in the public arena, and by doing this, start changing attitudes towards Israel.

You are a vital part of this work.

Here’s what you can do:

10 Ways to Support Israel through ISRAEL21c

  1. Subscribe to our weekly ISRAEL21c newsletter and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. Sign up now!
  2. Link to our stories and newsletter from your organization or company website.
  3. Forward articles of interest on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.
  4. Did you know ISRAEL21c offers a syndication service? Ask our editor how you can reprint our content with proper accreditation in your publication and local newspaper. It’s free! See our syndication terms here.
  5. Host a speaker or forum specifically about Israel, such as a speaker on high-tech contributions, medical research or tourism.
  6. Use the ISRAEL21c website to write your research paper. We offer primary source material – originally researched and written. You could be writing on just about anything – from environmental issues to music, and reference an Israeli dimension.
  7. Armed with facts, figures and innovation stories from our site, write letters or opinion pieces to editors on facets of Israel they might not know.
  8. Identify important local issues and use your media and community contacts to link them to issues already being addressed successfully in Israel.
  9. Encourage your clergy (rabbi, priest, minister or imam) to give a sermon on Israel – one that goes beyond the conflict.
  10. Teaching about Israel? Use our source articles as your primary resource.

We read every email sent to us and want to hear how you are using ISRAEL21c content to help spread the word about Israel beyond the conflict. And we’d love your suggestions too.

Together we can make a difference!